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What Do You Know About Acrylic Bottle?

Acrylic is a tough plastic with half the weight of glass, and which can be colored or transparent. 1. Weather Resistant – Retain Color Acrylic’s toughness makes it ideal for cosmetic bottle to keep the ingredients safe to use. 2. Lighter than Glass Acrylic weighs 50 percent less than glass, making it easier to handle. 3. Impact Resistant Acrylic has a tensile strength greater than 10,000 lbs. per square .

We provide all types cosmetics packaging.

Some info we want to share about wide variety of packaging that we sell. Likes tubes, compacts, and roller ball containers are some different types of cosmetics packaging. Lipsticks and lip glosses are found in tubes, while powder and cream makeup is typically found in compact containers. Small roller balls are primarily used to house perfumes or deodorants. Mascara and sometimes lip stick or gloss are found in vials .

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Jean&Jon open on Saturday

Do you know that Jean&Jon is one of pioneer in cosmetic case producer in Malaysia. You can visit our showroom from Monday to Saturday to see our wide range of product. But if you are from other areas, you can still visit our virtual showroom via and buy our product online and we will shipping it out to your doorstep.

Jean&Jon Soft Tube

Jean&Jon produce a variety of soft tube for volume 15 gram, 20 gram, 30 gram and 50 gram. Else than white color there are also bottle in blue, red, gold, black and other color request by our customer. You can call us for inquiry or buy our ready made soft tube from our website.

Its Safe and Easy to buy at

Did you know you can buy our products online? Very comfortable and easy isn’t it? But is it safe? We strongly emphasize the safety of our customers especially when it involves online transactions. Our website is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to help users protect their data during transfer by creating a uniquely encrypted channel for private communications over the public Internet. This means that your .

Jean&Jon Airless Bottle

An Airless Bottle is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system which utilize a mechanical pump in a bottle. Once the bottle is filled, the material stored inside the bottle is preserved and maintain its integrity until used up. Using a conventional pump bottle, when the content in bottle gets low, the common practice is to remove the pump and try to get the remaining material out with the use of .
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